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double polka dot

Monday, August 25, 2014


fashion pills polka dots1

What I’m Wearing: Fashion Pills Polka Dot Dress, Clic Jewels Polka Dot Clutch Bag, Zara Blue Pointed Heels, Fashion Pills Sunglasses & Vintage Panama Hat



Barcelona, oh I love this city! The friendly taxi drivers, the coffees I can drink all day for 2 euros and the beach I can be at in 10 minutes cruising downhill. A lot of people I know seemed a little mystified when I opted to cut my Paris time in half to spend more days of the month back in Spain, but anyone that lives here will understand why I love it so much. Besides, as much as I enjoy France, Spain feels like home to me – and not in the literal sense of it’s where all my stuff is but more in that comforting sensation you get when you go back to the place you grew up. But I’m by no means a local in this city yet, I’m still clutching my iphone, staring confused at google maps, getting lost and sussing out my favourite spots here. And if you ask me, discovering a city is by far the best part – its exhilarating absorbing street by street and finding your way. Something I should probably try to take as a metaphor for both life & work too!


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