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Saturday, August 23, 2014


cala blanca

What I’m Wearing: Tally Weijl White Crop Top, Tally Weijl Dungarees, Tally Weijl White Sneakers


Summer is still around for us down here in Spain, and these days I am feeling so grateful for my friends and family to enjoy these final weeks of sunshine with. I’ve been all over the place recently, emotionally riding out some wave or maybe more like a  haze , either way I hope it comes to a rest soon. And you know what? I’ve felt like this a hundred times over since I opted out of my masters, a conventional job and instead decided to move to new cities and work freelance as a blogger. Self doubt will always creep in somewhere along the way, that’s just part of life. We all go though it and it always sucks. However, I honestly thought that with age, it would be less frequent. But with more experience comes higher expectations of yourself – which can sometimes slowly slide into a cyclical pursuit of searching for something more, all the time. So for now, I’m going to relax, concentrate on feeling grateful and maybe, opt to not try so hard all the time. As well as realize at 26, I essentially know nothing yet – and the greatest parts of life are almost certainly still around the corner – and that maybe, that’s all I need to focus on right now. So go take a walk somewhere tranquil this weekend girls, get lost in the beginnings of a new morning – just like I did here in these photos on a quiet cove by the sea, with nothing but a pair of dungarees and my beautiful Mom to keep me company.


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