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Boohoo in Monochrome

Friday, May 23, 2014

boohoo monochrome

What I’m Wearing: Boohoo B&W Grid Tee & Boohoo Grid Checked Trousers


If a brand could be a best friend, Boohoo would certainly be one of mine. I’ve been wearing the brand since their beginnings, and my love for their clothes as only grown over the years. At the beginning of the year when they embarked on their expansion into France, I started seeing Boohoo ads all over billboards across Paris and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit proud. You see, Boohoo have been with me since my university days, back when I couldn’t even really afford the typical highstreet brands, Boohoo was a blessing. I could take sneaky study breaks on the library computers, buy their clothes and still afford to eat without you know, having to call up my parents and convince them I needed more cash (haha, any of you girls who are students. we all do/did it! parental cash convincing is practically part of university life!) And ever since, they have been one of my go-to brands – plus their stuff seems to be getting better and better. Like this monochrome outfit I recently fell in love with – black and white grid prints that almost-but-don’t-quite-match – you know how much I love clashing! Plus, I decided on a whim to climb into what I think used to be a fountain at Trocadero – thankfully we snapped these photos quickly. I’ve gotten into trouble with security guards so many times over at the Eiffel Tower, as I am always going to great (and usually prohibited) lengths to get pretty photos there. I’m headed to Barcelona tomorrow -friends are flying in for a weekend of fun. And girls, believe me when I say, I need some down-time. So, I’m staying off the internet for the weekend…but be sure to keep updated with my instagram – I’ll be snapping photos during what I hope to be a sunsoaked and relaxing 48 hours! Photos: Elodie Puechon


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