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a letter to my chest

Monday, December 14, 2015



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Once upon a time, I bought myself several sets of expensive lingerie and oh lovely they were. I say were because since then my breasts shrunk from a C all the way down to the beginning of the alphabet; A. Boobs in a size A, just like the initial of my first name. All my life I yearned for smaller breasts, continually cursing my Cs. It seems they grew tired of my complaints because they left. Quickly and suddenly. I stepped out of the shower, looked down and wondered where they went. For months I missed them. And the reason I am telling you this? I urge you to take this C to A tale as a testament to the fact that we always want what we don’t have. Whatever size yours are, I am certain you would feel sad if they changed. Yes, I can see you across the screen, shaking your head, absolute in your dissatisfaction with them, but believe me, YOU WILL. You will miss them should they get bigger or smaller or like me, start to sag just a little too. As for me? I stopped feeling sad. In the last year, I have seen my body change tremendously; as I near 30, I am slowly losing a lot of the plumpness that used to happily sit on my chest, cheeks… and dare I say it, derriere. I am getting older and gravity has slowly begun to show its power. But I’m okay with that because I’m thinner too. Not that I ever wanted to be thinner, but I am peeking at the bright side here. Either way, we all age and however old you are, I hope you embrace the changes your body goes through as life goes on. As for luxury lingerie, I gave it up – spending my cash on filling my bookshelves instead. But I did still needed an affordable boost, you see, I like to think of it as a sublet C – once in a while my boobs like to live like they once did. Hence these incredible push up bras from Primark, that are only 5 euros a set. I got two for 10, skipped the fancier lace and bought a bunch of books instead. Perhaps the boobs simply had to shrink to compensate for my increasing brain? After you all you can only have so many assets? Wistful thinking? Ofcourse it is, but you know what, I’m going with it. As long as the brain grows, the size of everything else doesn’t matter much. NOW GO WRITE THAT ON YOUR MIRROR so you can read as a reminder next time you agonize about the size of something stupid. Okay?!


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