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Another Rainy Day

Thursday, November 14, 2013


What I’m Wearing: Audrey Leighton Saint Germain Raincoat, Audrey Leighton Black Kessinger Ruffle Dress, Zara Loafers & ASOS Pompom Hat


Well girls, Paris is rainy – again and again and again. That’s winter in Europe, I guess. I’m not a fan of the rain – in fact, if its raining on a Friday night, I refuse to go out. Rain makes me want to hide away inside with a good book in my pyjamas. Which is precisely why I set about designing my ultimate raincoat – I’ve been looking for a transparent one for years and years. I love how I can showcase whatever I’m wearing underneath, preventing the nasty weather from sabotaging my desire to dress up. And check out the huge pockets – you can literally put the entire contents of your handbag in these babies – and because they are so deep, totally waterproof! If you want your own Saint Germain Raincoat, I’ve generated a discount code for you all –  ‘RainGoAway‘  will get you 20 euros off! More tomorrow! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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