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A Valentines Special

Thursday, February 6, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Mary Jane Fashion Heart Bodycon Dress, Boohoo Heels & ASOS Polka Dot Tights




Love is something we all like to talk about yet not something that is mentioned on here very often. Oh, but how I have been tempted to type away to you all, confiding in you like I do my best friends. Like the spectrum from pink to red in these photographs, there are so many different types of love, all varying in colour, depth, intensity and they are all important in some way or in many ways. But above all, preserve love as a priority in your life. And I’m not talking about your Valentine’s Day date or lack thereof. What I mean is cram every corner of your life with love – from your family to your friends, to your work and even to the clothes you wear, the city you call home or the books you read. There is so much to fall in love with in life and these possibilities are all around us, all the time. Find love in the great things but find it in the small things too. I’m pretty lucky in that I have a lot of love in my life. My family are my best friends and  my best friends are a family in themselves. I love my work and how it drifts so effortlessly between Paris and Spain and wherever else in Europe my heart takes me. And I cherish all of you, the ongoing dialogue I’ve shared with you over the last 5 years of Frassy has been a true love affair since the day I started this blog. And so, in spirit of Valentine’s Day – be bold with your love, seek it out everywhere and anywhere. Keep it close and let it lead you as your ultimate prerogative. As a foolish 25 year old, that’s the only advice I can honestly give you.  But I can certainly tell you this,  when asking your boyfriend to participate in a love-themed photoshoot for your blog, refrain from telling him that glitter, balloons and heart shaped glasses will be involved. Just ask him to simply wear a red sweater; it will make the persuading a whole lot easier! Photos: Catherine O’Hara


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