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Hot Chocolate in the Tuileries

Monday, February 3, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Desire Clothing Mohair Coat, Missguided Swing Tee, ASOS Acidwash Skinny Jeans & Missguided Buckle Boots


Winter in Paris –  charming  but  cold – far too cold. Precisely why any walk to the Tuileries at this time of the year calls for a few essentials to keep cosy.  Takeout Angelina’s hot chocolate,  a cosy fluffy jacket of some sort and a good friend to link arms with as you wander the park. A polaroid camera is always fun to bring along too. And between these icy outings into the city, I’ve been keeping warm and busy in front of my computer – I’ve been writing a great deal more these last few weeks – both for freelance work and just creatively too. I find it so hard to balance the creative work I am paid to do with the creative work I want to do – obviously the paid jobs come first but I tend to feel guilty about all these projects of my own laying idle and sad on the dustier corners of my desk. Do any of you have this difficulty too? Any advice? Hoping to find a few days in the next couple weeks to start putting some of them into motion. More soon!


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