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Nikes by the Sea

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


What I’m Wearing: Choies 2 Piece Crop Tee & Skirt, River Island Angora Baseball Cap, Chicwish Sunglasses & Nike Air Max 90s via JDSports



Sneakers are an obsession of mine. Saying that, I am a Nike or nothing sort of girl. Sure, I’ve been tempted by some of the other brands but I always end up opting for the just do it variety. I’ve acquired quite a collection now and its a shopping habit I can’t seem to stop. Being the most practical specimens in my shoe wardrobe, I justify buying yet another pair purely because I will wear them all the time. But then again, when it comes to retail, I am completely delusional at times, purchasing and spending money on fashion by convincing myself that they are necessities not wants. Oh but think how good this will look on Frassy,  I exclaim to usually my mother or boyfriend when they are dissuading me from buying another  tutu skirt or black sweater. It’s a funny thing having a blog – I love it but its practically made me a hoarder, an obsessive shopper and a weirdo who categorizes their closet by what’s been photographed and what hasn’t. Speaking of, I’ve used this beautiful Spanish weather to photograph some of my latest spring/summer arrivals – I’ve totally forgotten it’s still winter in Paris, in fact mentally I’m in May. The sun is shining, I barely even know what tights are anymore and I’m already thinking about what kind of bikinis I want to buy for my summer vacation. I told you I could be delusional – in for an icy shock when I get back to France!


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