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socks & sweater

Monday, May 5, 2014


What I’m Wearing: Vintage Sweater, Boohoo Sunglasses, Bestseller Suede Skirt, ASOS Heels & Beara Beara Bag


A walk along the Champ de Mars on a sunny day with a 1 euro bouquet of flowers  is about all I need in life to be happy. And you know what, nothing beats a comfy sweater. I have a few that are ridiculously big and verging on old enough to throw out. But I keep them & cling to them, their unflattering shape made bearable but how they engulf me almost like the duvet I struggle to crawl out of every morning. This sweater is definitely one of those sweaters. I grabbed it at a vintage store in the menswear section, and I’m still laughing at how huge it is – seriously there is no man in the world big enough to fill this sweater. It’s sleeves almost reach my ankles. But it is the most deliciously comfortable and consoling thing I have ever worn. Its’ been hard to keep a hold on though. I’ll toss this sweater to any friend that stops by who is cold or didn’t dress appropriately for the weather, and they all instantly want to keep it. I’m rather generous with my clothes – gifting things left, right and centre, but this old thing, I fiercely hold onto. It’s not very often I wear it out of the house, but some days I just can’t bear to take it off…. Photos: Catherine O’Hara 


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