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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
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What I’m Wearing: Primark Paris Sweatshirt, Skinnies & Sunglasses


I am a huge fan of casualwear – in fact, I am most happy in a sweatshirt and pair of Nikes, with my camera on my shoulder, a chai in my hand and a couple hours to spend wandering the riverbanks of Paris. So when Primark asked me to style a few outfits for them, I couldn’t help but choose this marl grey number – not only is it a sweatshirt, but also reps Paris – a place I love and sometimes grow tired of, but I always come back to. It seemed perfect! And for my French readers, Primark has officially hit France – they now have 2 stores, one in Dijon at Toison D’or as well as The Grand Littoral in Marseille – with more stores opening soon (including one in Paris!) More tomorrow. Photos: Faye Bullock


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