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Hold the Phone

Wednesday, March 19, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Finders Keepers Ruffle Top, Tally Weijl Distressed Jeans, Nelly Pointed Court Heels, ASOS Sunglasses, Finders Keepers Leopard Print i-phone Case & Coffee Cup


My i-phone screen has cracked twice in the last 6 months, you know why? Because I used to always have it in my hand – every time it buzzed or rung, I jumped. It was anti-social and a slavery of sorts. At one point in my Paris life, I found myself between phones – and was always meaning to go and buy a replacement, but I procrastinated for 12 whole months. Yep, an entire year. I had a home phone – but that was it. It frustrated my friends, confused clients and was just generally seen as a weirdo thing to you know, not have a cell phone. And it was strange and not at all practical, but still lovely – I read on the metro (instead of wasting time on some random app) and when I was out & about, I was all there – and there was no vibrating distractions in my pocket or bag. But then, I finally got a new phone – and the phone became an obsession. So it cracked and cracked again, because I was constantly on it, 24/7 reachable, always available and at the mercy of whoever or whatever was going on, on my iphone.  It got ridiculous – and I think its an addiction we all need to work on, me included. These days, I try to be selective about when I use my phone – I’ll pull out a book when I’m waiting for someone or something. I won’t always answer it when it rings, even if its my Mom or boyfriend – and when I’m out with friends, I’ll turn my 3G off so that I’m not frantically reading every email that hits my inbox. As a creatively driven person, I always strive to make time to just sit and think, to process ideas, come up with new ones and assess the quality of my work – these sorts of personal meditations are continuously interrupted by our phones. So, urging you all to try it too – don’t let it enslave you, your phone is a tool – a life-facilitator and that’s it all it really should be! Photos: Catherine O’Hara

And while I’m trying to limit my i-phone time, I’m still obsessed with decorating mine! You might have seen this Finders Keepers Leopard Coffee-Cup & i-phone combo on my instagram – I love it!


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