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the pier

Friday, April 25, 2014


pier dun laoighair

What I’m Wearing: Unif Trench Coat, Primark Cream Tee, AG Boyfriend Jeans, La Paire Leopard Flats, Zero UV Sunglasses & Aspinal of London Saddle Bag


This is an especially sentimental post for me –  as you girls know, I’ve pretty much bounced from European country to country since I was a kid. Funnily enough, I hold all these places I have lived close to my heart but not once have I returned to any of them. I’m rather nomadic by nature and will easily settle anywhere my shoes and computer happen to be. I don’t so much as forget the places from my past, but rather I’ve got my head looking forward and moving somewhere brand new is a challenge and one that requires focus, so there never seemed to be much time to travel back.  But then I went to Ireland, finally I returned somewhere I once called home – and it was both a nostalgic and strange experience for me. For the last two days of my trip there, I headed back to Dun Laoghaire, a coastal town outside of Dublin where I lived with my family. We rented a bright yellow terraced house overlooking the sea and my brothers and I would walk to the beautiful castle that was actually our school. Most weekends, we would walk this pier – the one I am  jumping around on in these photos. It was wonderful to retrace, rewalk and rediscover these spots from my childhood – places I remembered so vividly. I even got to see a friend of mine, someone I’ve kept in touch with for many many years but hadn’t seen since I was young. As I was sitting across from him drinking a coffee one day, I couldn’t help but think how insane it was that we were sitting here, drinking coffee together. Talking as if no time had passed, but really so much time had passed, more than I could comfortably grasp without feeling totally overwhelmed by it. It’s important to celebrate your past, to trawl over everything that has gradually formed the person you are today. And  while I have no claim to Ireland or any of the other countries I have called home, they all belong to me in one way or another.Whatever has happened to you in your life belongs to you. Isn’t that a beautiful thought? So, make it yours, celebrate it, let it nurture you. Salute your past from where you are today, its a solace I found myself feeling very grateful for during my walks around this quaint town I loved as a child.

This sums up my Ireland travel posts, but I’ll be sharing more of my photographs over on my diary blog this weekend, so keep your eye out here. Also if you’d like to see some snaps of Dun Laoghaire, head over to instagram!


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