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sneakers & dresses look 2

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Bank Fashion Denim Dress, Bank Fashion Navy New Balance, Aspinal of London Saddle Bag & Zero UV Sunglasses


Ok, so confession time, these Navy New Balance kicks haven’t left my feet since I arrived back in Paris. I adore them – I never used to understand navy as a colour, it seemed like black’s less versatile counterpart.  But recently, it’s a colour I have been wearing a lot of – you girls know me, I fall in and out of love with every shade of the rainbow at a rate so fast I can barely keep up- I guess I am very colour promiscious, if that can be a thing. And on such a sunny day and in one of my favourite parts of the city, it seemed right to stop and quickly shoot my second Bank Fashion ‘sneakers & dresses’ look, probably my favourite out of the four I styled for them (take a look at my first one here, just in case you missed it) I tend to fluctuate between two moods, so happy I could burst or an indifferent haze where everything I do is almost robotic. Needless to say, on this day, I was insanely cheerful – something I am feeling more and more frequently these days. Life is good girls, full of positive transitions – and I’m gliding right along, looking forward to all these new changes that summer will bring for me. More soon!


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