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Friday, July 4, 2014

primark gran canaria


What I’m Wearing: Primark Purple Paisley Co-ord Tee & Skirt, Primark Sandals & Hat


I love a good co-ord and wow, there are some good ones this season, like this Primark ensemble. Purple is a colour I tend to overlook and everytime I rediscover it, I ask myself why I don’t wear more of it. I fall in and out of colours so fast – colours are to me what trends are to the fashion world. While I couldn’t give a hoot about ‘trends’, my love for colours flows in a cyclical sort of insanity – one minute I’m grabbing everything I can in red, the next week it will be white and then, 2 days later, I’m back to black. It’s neurotic, compulsive and totally unpredictable – I think I picked this trait up from my mother – who is a colour genius. Her sensitivity to colour and her ability to mix and match them are of heroic stature to me. Here’s hoping I am in the process of fine tuning this ability too! More soon girls! Currently in Barcelona, so shooting lots to share with you all! 


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