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give me light

Saturday, December 6, 2014


What I’m Wearing: Dawn Clothing Fox Dress, Own The Runway Beige Fedora Hat, Tom’s Suede Brogues, Zero UV Navy Sunglasses & Oasis Coat

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Henry Beston said, “we lose a great deal when we lose the sense and feeling for the sun” – and it’s a quote that always comes back to me around this time of year.  I can’t help but feel morose and empty underneath these constant winter grey skies – everyday it hangs low, the air is  piercingly cold and no one smiles on the street.  You can call it what you like, officially it goes by S.A.D, or maybe I’m just a bratty expat from Spain – regardless, I adore the sunshine – I thrive in it. So when it does come out, I do too. One look out the window and I’m grabbing my coat, scarf and keys to get outside and soak it up.  And while I resent the rarity with which the sun shines in Paris in the winter, I will say this – when it does, it’s both crisp and hazy all at once. There is nothing quite as soothing  as a few moments of winter sun, and funny how the more intensely you yearn for something, the more beautiful it becomes. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, get outside and hopefully get some light on those pretty faces of yours!


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