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Healthy Eating & De-Bloating with Flat Tummy Tea

Friday, December 5, 2014
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Healthy eating is a passion of mine. I was lucky enough to grow up with health obsessed parents, and their habits shaped my life in ways I can never thank them for enough. What you put into your body is by far the most important thing you do everyday. There is no makeup or cosmetic that can do anything close to what healthy habits can do for your beauty and confidence. And I know, life is busy, exhausting and often it feels there just isn’t enough time to fuel your body the way you should. So, I teamed up with my favourite tea brand, Flat Tummy Tea to share my go-to meals, snacks and tips that will keep you healthy but also beat bloating. A common symptom that brings so much misery, especially to us women. Despite being blessed with a speedy metabolism, I tend to bloat very easily – as soon as certain foods go into my body, they show up on my stomach. It is terrible! Personally, I tend to avoid carbs – they tend to overly processed and chemical laden. I am an avid believer in the wheat belly syndrome – in that wheat and gluten tend to cause bloating and sluggishness. But we all love carbohydrates, they are delicious, comforting and the easiest thing to grab for when we are hungry. So I like to ease my cravings with things like rye crackers, peanut butter and nuts. I eat more meat and cheese rather than breads or pastas – purely to avoid feeling and looking bloated. So I hope I can inspire you, all my favourites below can be prepared in less than 10 minutes, include only affordable ingredients and mostly importantly, are 100% nourishing!


mango, beetroot & prosciutto salad: so delicious and so simple. simply chop half a mango and half a beetroot into some rocket leaves. roll up a few slices of organic prosciutto, drizzle with balsamic vinegar & olive oil

filled avocados: cut open an avocado, filled with finely chopped rocket and 2 handfuls of cashews. I also like to add cherry tomatoes. So filling, full of all kinds of vitamins and protein too!


topped rye crackers: spread with red pepper hoummous, sprinkle with parsley or cilantro and top with a generous wedge of manchego cheese. so many flavours, one of my all time favourite snacks.

muesli: i like to eat muesli with halved grapes and a sprinkling of nuts on top of bircher yoghurt – all the different textures form a super filling breakfast (or dinner, if you are lazy like me at night)


peanut butter apples: core an apple, slice into thick wedges. fill with peanut butter as if you were making a sandwich & sprinkle with raw sesame seeds

de-bloating tea: drink two cups of day, everyday flat tummy tea in the morning and flat tummy afresh in the evening to speed metabolism & de-bloat


I really recommend staying away from processed and high sugar/ salt carbohydrates – allow yourself the occasional cheat (pierre herme, pizza, whatever you’re vice but in moderation) and hopefully you can incorporate some of these delicious alternatives into your day-to-day. I know tea brands are ubiquitous these days, they all seem to promise different but similar results and it’s overwhelming and confusing to choose one. Which is I reached out to Flat Tummy Tea – their tea detox is simple, effective and natural. All you have to do is drink one cup twice a day, which is an incredibly easy commitment considering how freezing it is outside now! The tea essentially cleanses your body from the inside out, clearing out your intestinal tract ridding the build up of nasty toxins and as a consequence, de-bloats and energizes you. I promise it works, if you are skeptical (I was), go take a look at the awe-inspiring testimonials over on their website.  More from me & Flat Tummy tea next week!


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