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merry christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Featuring Primark Christmas Pyjamas & Christmas Slippers


Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas – as always the best gift I will celebrating this year are the continual creative pursuits I am able to share with you all here. That might sound cheesy, but sometimes the sincerest sentiments do – and truly, I mean it – there is nothing I love more than my little slice of the internet and the incredible community we have fostered together. Frassy is a cosy, everbright corner of my life, and when all else seems to be failing, I count on the creativity and inspiration I find here. And for YOU – you who follow along, click onto here from time to time, over these 7 Frassy years, you have been my everything – whether you comment or don’t, whether you follow me on instagram or don’t, whether you read daily, monthly or even yearly – I couldn’t thank you enough. How awesome, how lucky I am! So, Happy Holidays girls – stay cosy and thankful and revel in everything this time of year has to offer. Big HUGE love to YOU!


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