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boohoofit part 2

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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it takes a muscle to fall in love – my boohoo fit collaboration part 2

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what im wearing: boohoofit splatter hoodie, fit slogan sportsbra, slogan get fit leggings, waterfall sweatshirt, mesh short leggings & running sneakers

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Our heart is a muscle, and between all those fibres locked between our lungs beats so many things we feel in all kinds of ways, emotions all tangled up in intensity and uncertainty. Working out, works on our heart – and thus unravelling so many of these knots tied up way down there in our chest. Now, I’m not talking about losing weight or muscle definition (I’ll get to those more arbitrary benefits in other posts) – right now I want to emphasize the healing powers of exercise. Moving my body unhinges so many of the  struggles I usually choose to shove away and swallow whole. When I run, I run for release, for the peace of mind and positivity that comes in a great big addictive surge right after I finish.

And let me tell you, working out in Paris, without a gym membership and in this bitter cold is a far cry from the sunny shores of Barcelona I certainly prefer. But I lace up my sneakers, pull my hood up tight and I hit those icy windy streets along the Seine because it’s what I have to do to feel like myself.  Life can feel long and so often too hard, but after a run, I feel infinite. If I can get through my run, I can get through it all. So as M.I.A said,  it takes a muscle to fall in love, and oh how right she was! In love with yourself, with life, with the people you care about – and while that muscle might be inside and out of sight, it is important we concentrate on that one rather than the shape of our stomach or the size of our thighs. Run, jump, dance… do whatever you please to get your blood pumping, because you are the catalyst to all your love. Define, strengthen, bulk it up – the heart is a muscle and you, you are love.


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