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sunday kind of love

Sunday, January 25, 2015

i spend sundays as i please usually doing nothing but enjoying the ease

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what im wearing: tara starlet red cape & red silk high waisted trousers, wallis turtleneck, zero uv sunglasses & aspinal london trunk

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Emotions, a trek uphill, a repeating roundabout or sometimes a full blown off-course odyssey. I often find myself in five different moods all in just one day. And I’ll pass through these phases ambivalently, with a distracted pause here and there, an observation that my disposition has changed once again, quite like the way I might glance at what time it is. And being so often caught in this knit of emotions, it can be hard to identify any decisive feelings towards any given thing, from a decision I made to a book I read to a man I met…and everything both trivial and monumental in between. But on some days, sometimes, all these feelings get pushed aside, carelessly and wonderfully, I quite simply don’t feel much at all. No notion as to what I’ll do, but instead constant motion in pursuit of whatever comes next. No plans, no ideas, a Sunday kind of love, one with polaroids on benches in Palais Royal and coffees at my favourite cafe and my hysterical friend Haleigh to keep me laughing all the way, all through a perfectly uncomplicated day.


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