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i am happy

Sunday, January 18, 2015




what im wearing: hobbs of london trench coatwallis navy turtleneck sweater, fashion pills maroon leather pleated skirt, sam edelman maroon boots (via trussardi), zara sand scarf, zero uv cateye sunglasses, louis vuitton tote bag & aspinal of london saddle letterbox bag


Messy hair and a turtleneck up high, running around the city with two bags instead of one. Camera equipment, the book I’m reading, a notebook, a large half empty bottle of water jostle around inside the Louis Vuitton, and as for the Aspinal, my wallet, iphone and just enough makeup to make me look less like the dork I am. Barcelona is warm enough for bare legs but I like to keep a scarf loose around my neck just in case winter triumphs for a few windy moments here and there. I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked this week, but I have lots to share. I’ve just been busy offline, taking care of myself and projects all around.

Plans, oh so many plans, they are piling up on top of each other, braiding into a long list of all the things I am desperate to accomplish this year. Pending accomplishments usually leave me in a pit of anxiety, working freelance supplies a never ending uncertainty – I am sure some of you can relate. But 2015 so far feels calmer, more manageable, daily affirmations rolling around in my head that ‘yes, I am awesome. yes, I can do this. yes, keep at it’. I’m not going to tell you I’ve been inundated with work, I’m not going to emphasize how busy I’ve been, nor pretend life has been totally fabulous this week, or any other week. Bloggers seem to love to do that, don’t they? Nothing has changed here, I am keeping on, working hard, trying to write my book – one or two exciting emails have popped up too.

Everything feels okay, I got a bunch of things I want to do – but I’ve found a comfortable work pace. No lost sleep this week, no panicked calls to my parents nor a mirage of text messages at 3 am to Haleigh. I guess I am finding peace in the uncertainties and excitement in the anxieties – eager to read the all the words I want to write, curious as to what projects will bounce into my inbox, and who knows, the places I’ll go and the people I’ll meet along the way this year. I am happy, healthier and this thing I do, this little corner of mine I call Frassy, I am enjoying it more than ever. And I hope that reflects in what I share with you too, I hope you are happier reading and checking in here. This blog is as much mine as it is yours, and while I am striving to be more honest, I always want to be positive and encouraging too.


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