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the mean reds

Monday, January 19, 2015


“As she always did on a sad gloomy day, she wore red.”


what im wearing: h&m cropped sweater, chicwish denim skirt, fashion pills thigh high boots, mini chanel bag, zero uv sunglasses & asos bakerboy cap


When you feel weird in a way you can’t explain, when people stare at your knees poking out of your perhaps-too-provocative thigh high boots, when the day isn’t bad but feels bland, and you start to wonder if you are boring. When your head plays the same trippy message over and over again, and it’s one you can’t stand. When you aren’t hungry, can’t sleep and are unsure of what to do but sit and write down a bunch of words that don’t sound quite right. What to do with all these ambivalent whens? You can pull your favourite baggy red sweater on and a hat one size too small. You can fill your Chanel with coins and go out to drink a coffee that doesn’t taste great, but you don’t care too much. You put on lipstick and an outfit that matches and maybe you look pulled together. And the red of your sweater might conquer these mean reds in your mind instead. But you are out, around all the other people – and that’s all you needed. You can sit there and do nothing else. Just sit, stay, stare and realize that emotions roll in like a storm, but that the rain up there in your head won’t last forever, not even a day, it will go away.


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