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a jewellery journal : barely theres

Monday, February 16, 2015


I prefer mine barely there to match the quiet feelings I wear on my sleeve.



featuring: astrid & miyu rose gold crown shaped stud earrings
astrid & miyu rose gold diamante earrings with pearl drop




I don’t wear much of it – my face is round, I wear lots of glasses, I talk loudly and too often, there isn’t much room for jewellery on this face of mine. And when I do wear it, I tend to prefer bright, barely-there delicates. Being on the subtler side – my jewellery doesn’t always feature very prominently in my blog posts. And so, a new segment here, a jewellery journal of sorts – and there will be multiple entries, I’m sure, showcasing some of the jewels I like to wear. They are simple, but sparkling in a way that doesn’t demand to be seen. I like that – a trait I hold close within a lot of walks of life – my clothing, my personality, my writing, in the way I might attract a man’s attention or the way I pose in a photograph. And so for today, let me introduce you to Astrid & Miyu – I am especially drawn to their earrings – pretty little things that hang unexpectedly, not quite dangling but jutting softly, a faint sparkle, just the kind I prefer.


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