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Sunday, February 15, 2015


oh how hard it is to be both artistic and commerical, autonyms they do seem, so many creative dreams but where do I find the financial means


what im wearing: hye park & lune breton maxi dress, glamorous cardigan, primark white brogues, vintage basket bag & hair scarf, zero uv sunglasses


Blogging has taught me many things, one of which is to appear constantly happy, forever knitting my digital life into a blanket I toss over everything I’m mad or sad about – because life is supposed to be perfect, I have lots of shoes and dresses you probably wish you had. But as you know, I refuse to do that any longer. How boring, I’d rather be human – flawed and struggling, because we all are, in some way. But before I go on, I am okay over here – simply swinging through one of those moods, a funk, those mean mean reds that stretch and bend like one of those creepily dark tunnels on the highway. Trying to write a book is hard – I am working a lot, schedules coaxing me away from creativity, and all the while I am trying to create content here that’s artistic, but still commercial enough to generate money, money I need for rent and food. It can be a real struggle and trying to twist Frassy into something I can feel more proud of while still squeezing money from it – it is time consuming and I’m not so sure I have gotten there yet. Just this week I turned down two projects in fear they would just be too blatantly sponsored – ‘sponsored’, a word I have grown to detest, so often devoid of anything but cash and no creativity. But as a full time blogger, money must come from somewhere, I’m not going to pretend I am not paid for a great deal of the content I share here, because lying is not interesting. However, I want my posts to hold some weight, a weight that goes beyond the clothes I wear, maybe that is too much to expect from what started and will always be a fashion blog. I just don’t know. My favourite brands are behind me – and for that I love them, but I want this to be an inspiring corner too, come for the photos and stay for the words, I say. Or so I hope. As always, every year, I am still figuring it out. So, here I am, probably confusing you with my own very dull confusion. But that’s all I got for you today, a slouchy outfit I have been writing in –dirty hair tied up in a gravity-defying scarf, in hopes it elevates my mind – accessorized with some clichéd and not at all chic mid-twenties confusion. Can we call it fashion blogging angst? That should be a thing, I think. All great love come with great confusion –and just so you know, I still love it, this, Frassy and wow, I really love you. And I want this love to be real – real in every way money will allow.


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