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nautical for spring

Sunday, February 8, 2015


It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so.

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what im wearing: primark breton t-shirt, skinny jeans, striped handbag, navy heart print sneakers, striped wayfarer sunglasses, white draped blouse, knitted blue skirt, blue ankle socks, & white brogues


I know, I know, it isn’t spring yet. There are still plenty of sweaters, frosty hands around piping hot cups of tea and cursing about the cold. It’s snowing in a lot of places. But over here in Spain, the season is showing signs. Like a wink or a quick smile from someone who is in a bad mood, spring comes for a few seconds or an afternoon and then slips right back under winter. I am so over the February freeze (as I like to call it), I hate it more than pool sliders or internet haters, I even hate it more than my ex-boyfriend. That’s where my very intense dislike lies, and when Parisians ask me, somewhat surprised as to why I chose to spend a lot of my time over here in Barcelona, these photos right here are the perfect answer.

There is sunshine, a language I can speak seamlessly and spring comes when France is still bundled up in coats under the rain. The croissants certainly don’t taste as good, there is no Eiffel Tower jutting into the sky and no pretty bridges stretching across a river- but I like it just the same. I can slip between cities, following the sun. One day, hopefully I’ll be rich or rich enough to afford a house somewhere delicious like Tahiti or Bali, and that way, I can forever jump right over winter, every year. But until then, Spain and France are a delightful duo. And like it or not, brands, all of your favourites – their eyes, just like mine, are focused on Spring. I even saw bikinis in a shop window a few days ago. It might seem irrelevant right now, but it’s of the hopeful sort. A hope that spring is indeed coming, wherever you are – sit tight, just a few more weeks and we can call this winter complete.

And you know what comes after Spring? Summer – oh summer, I can remember the last one like it was yesterday. It was magical. We are leading up to the best months of the year. Or at least that is what my gym regime keeps yelling at me when I feel like slacking off and maybe eating a sundae. So when Primark asked me to pull some looks for Spring, a season I keep looking out for, demanding ‘ are we THERE YET?’ like a kid on family road trip – I decided to do something nautical, buy some daises, bring a book and spend a solid hour of sun by the sea. Stripes, especially of the navy breton variety as well as a whole hue of blues to match the sky, I’ll be pulling these sorts of sweet things on for when the weather thaws. Hold in, we are almost there.


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