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a weekend at ease

Sunday, March 1, 2015

a simple weekend by the sea, under the sun & at ease




what im wearing: glamorous tunic dress, zero uv sunglasses,
vintage wicker bag, raoul sherling gilet & asos bakerboy cap


Flowers are featuring more and more on Frassy, there is nothing I love more on Saturdays than picking up bouquets from the stands on Las Ramblas – and in Barcelona, they are deliciously cheap. It sounds so utterly trivial but the fact I can afford as many as I’d like makes me foolishly happy. Today, we bought some steaks and had a barbecue just outside of town by the sea – I wore this dress & hat, read a book under the sun – and I felt rested and happy in that simple way that really only comes around on the weekends. Over the last year, life has become far calmer for me. There are few weekend parties, no midnight friends I forget by morning – and the cities of Barcelona and Paris feel more and more like oversized towns where I’m safe and protected in a way I can’t quite explain. I keep to myself, I spend more time alone- there are things like coffee and flowers and writing and books to keep me company. Maybe this is just me growing up a tiny bit, maybe it’s me finding home nestled right between my skin and bones, but whatever it is, I can finally say, after all that early twenties anguish, I am better. I feel better. And if I can say that for every year left in this decade of my life, I know, eventually I will wind up being exactly what I need to be, the woman of my dreams. The woman we all need to be.


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