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seeking shelter

Thursday, February 26, 2015

One has to build shelters. One has to make pockets and live inside them.


what im wearing: glamorous denim dungarees, zara breton cropped sweater, vintage wicker bag, zero uv sunglasses & zara metallic brogues


living in barcelona & working in paris

I know you know, but the sea is probably the place I love most to be. One of the many reasons I decided to pack all my belongings into boxes, shove them into an overpriced storage facility and begin a calmer, more affordable life in Barcelona. I am just getting started here really, you see I live in Barcelona, but I work in Paris. I spend more time in Barcelona now than I do in Paris – I wanted to drink coffees at cafes all day without worrying about the cost, I wanted to be able to afford ballet lessons, an expensive sofa to sit on and a walk-in wardrobe. I wanted to feel at home after feeling foreign for 6 years of my life. I wanted to get back to speaking Spanish and enjoying things like the beach and friendly taxi drivers and a culture I can almost call my own. Most of my work is done from home- and at 26, I wanted a real home, a place to grow into. This isn’t to say I don’t adore Paris, I do and I always will. But I just couldn’t face another tiny apartment furnished with the landlord’s sad castoffs. I couldn’t continue to work so hard to then see all my earnings squandered on simply existing. Living in Paris comes at a price and unless you are very wealthy – it can be a real struggle. I’ll be frank here, my Dad paid my extortionate rent for the first two years and it got to a point where I just didn’t feel great about taking his money. Paris was a dreamy place to live out my early twenties – and those years were some of my favourite parts of life so far. And being able to go back, once or usually twice monthly for work is a privilege I really treasure. So this living in Barcelona, working in Paris duality , while not a recent transition is one I wanted to bring up here. I was afraid that not living in Paris but only working there would diminish a lot of the interest many girls have in this little website. Paris does have it’s own personality here in whatever the story of Frassy might be – but I hope my own role is more significant. Frassy existed way before Paris and I have much more to offer than just the Eiffel, Macarons and all those other wonderful things we females associate with the city of lights. On that note, Paris still has it’s place here, just as it always will in my heart – and on the brink of returning yet again for PFW next week, I can assure you the city and I have many more stories to share with you. But Barcelona will be in the mix too – and soon, I hope to show you some photos of my big lovely home that I can finally afford. I’m asking you to stick around & hopefully stay interested as I bounce between these two wonderful cities. I hope you do.


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