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my fitness companion

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I don’t like team sports. I don’t like exercise classes. I don’t like working out with other people. In fact, exercise for me is a solitary activity. That’s why I chose running as a teenager, where the only requirement is the will to keep going and a pair of shoes. I bury my headphones deep in my ears at the gym and make minimal eye contact with fellow gym-goers. I’ve never been the sort of woman  to skip to spinning class with her bestie. That’s not me. That will never be me. Not that there is anything wrong with those women, I am simply a gym loner. But I finally found a companion, in the form of Nokia’s steel fitness tracker. She doesn’t talk, which I appreciate, instead  she does offer me all kinds of information about myself, such as my sleep quality, calories burned and step-quantity. But best of all? She also doesn’t look like an accessory a robot might wear, most fitness trackers to me feel  like something from a 80s science fiction movie. But not this Nokia, she’s a pretty one, she’s sleek and smart. From activewear to a blazer she looks good. I like her a lot, and so in collaboration with Nokia, let me tell you why.

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why i’m using nokia’s steel tracker

I don’t know about you but ensuring everything is charged before the gym every night is an event in itself. I have to plan to plug in the wireless headphones and phone at least an hour prior to working out. SO often, I forget. It’s one of those tiny hassles that irritate me far more than they should and the thought of adding to my rota of gym-technology to charge has always put me off investing in a fitness tracker. It would inevitably run out of battery and lie somewhere on my dresser by the front door, discarded and un-used. I love, LOVE how the Nokia lasts for 8 entire months! It also works in sync with Nokia’s Health Mate, both ios and android friendly ; the app provides a an overall dashboard of your activity and sleep; which personally I’ve found to be an infinite source of information. Not that anyone does these days, but Nokia’s steel tracker works even if you leave your iphone at home, which is absolutely a habit I should start embracing. But what I am most impressed with when it comes to tracking is how inter-connected everything is. The days at the commputer where I reach a minimal step count? Those are the days I am most moody and lethargic. When a series of hideous blemishes erupts on my face? It’s usually due to very little sleep for a few nights. I don’t count calories, but I’ve learnt my metabolism is faster than I believed – side note, deciding on veganism means I’m eating many, many nuts, I knew they were calorific but wow, nuts aren’t shy when it comes to calories. To my delight, I also learnt that my job is often far more active than I realized, on shooting days, I’m clocking up serious step mileage; hours will go by before my sizeable behind is sitting down, which makes sense. To conclude, this source of information sheds sense on many nuances in my dialy life that I previously blamed simply on hormones. Health cannot be condensed into one routine, it’s not just the gym or juicing but a series of smaller daily habits too. I’ve even started forcing myself to bed earlier, using the fear of blemishes as a way to get to sleep. Biba has been enjoying longer walks too, as the simple movement and being outdoors really does improve my mood. Remembering the interrelation of both the physical and mental gives me the bearings to better understand myself. Not sleeping enough or sitting still for too long has a much bigger impact on me than I thought. This is why I love Nokia’s steel tracker, it helps me understand the small changes I can make to improve how I feel.


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