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Friday, October 15, 2010


What I’m Wearing: Frassy Rags Sphere Sunglasses (coming soon!) ASOS Hat, Mango Sequin Dress, My best boy,Micheal Stephens’fur gilet & red Balenciaga bag.

It was my birthday yesterday- a part of me yearns for the late teens- 18/19, when your newfound independence feels like some sort of drug you can’t enough of, but I’m also enjoying this stage of shifting away from academia and growing up. Anyway. I’m usually one of those self-deprecating individuals who mopes around miserable on their birthday, but this year I was silently surprised at how much fun I had. (Thank you to all my sweet readers who wished me Happy B’day on facebook yesterday!) My Daddy bought me a sexyass Canon 60D and tomorrow morning I’m off to London for 10 days or so. I miss my city of dreams so it will a relief to be back amongst it all.

Oh, you can watch the latest Frassy Rags Lookbook Vid here– the audio is probz my favourite song right now. So go take a look look look. Love you all xxx


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