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Thursday, December 9, 2010
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Orange Mohair Skirt, Zara Velvet Shirt, H&M; Beanie, Rokit Belt, & Chain Clock (originally some sort of Christmas decoration!) Oh and Frassy Sphere Sunglasses- I’ve been wearing these a lot hey!
Okay, Okay, I’ll stop with the belt embellishments- I promise. It is undeniably becoming a little ridiculous. I feel like I’m a Christmas Tree and I want to hang everything and anything off of me- in fact I actually sniped this off our tree to hang on my belt. But before I get carried away with that story, let me tell you about this cardigan I’m wearing- slouchy baggy folds of pure cosy deliciousness. I’d urge you all to go out and buy one, but sadly it is vintage. I’m travelling back to Paris tomorrow (6 am), after air traffic control strikes and illness- I will finally be reunited with my flat.


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