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About My Style

Thursday, July 18, 2013
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Today, I want to introduce you lovelies to my new favourite i-phone app, About My Style.A photo-sharing fashion platform that becomes your own visual diary of sorts. I am obsessed! Every 24 hours a new theme is introduced on the app, whereby you can upload a photo in correspondence to that theme and share it with your followers. Think of it as a fashion spinoff on Instagram, and yes that does a include filter gallery! The themes however aren’t always limited to style – your healthy lunch,a  pretty view or even broader concepts such as “LOVE”. I like to think of my profile as a spontaneous expansion of my blog – and a really fun outlet for all you other fellow bloggers. Today theme’s is “Statement Jewellery” –  you can find me in my favourite bling on the app’s homepage today. Urging you all to download the app (its free!), so we can follow each other’s daily photographs. To sign up, go to www.aboutmystyle.com or simply download the app in the App store (also, Android users, fear not, About My Style will be available for you too in about 4 weeks time)

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