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Watercolour Florals

Friday, July 22, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Urban Outfitters Leather Studded Waistcoat, Vintage Floral
Silk Blouse, Stradivarius Blue Platform Sandals + Hat, Zara Leather Leggings,
Grey Ant Sunglasses, Alexander McQueen Silk Scarf & Balenciaga Bag.
I love strange combinations that somehow work wonderfully together, like honey and goats cheese (I promise, its divine!) pretzels dipped in chocolate, or on a fashion wavelength; florals and studded leather. This particular floral print reminds me of a watercolour painting, the colours are bright, yet exude a sort of softness. I bought it for 2 euros in Spain, how I miss such cheap prices- Paris seems so expensive in comparison. What are everyone’s plans for this weekend? I’ve not been out dancing for a long time, so maybe I’ll put a pair of heels on and make a fool out of myself somewhere underneath the Paris stars (who am I kidding? More like Paris rain!) Whatever, its Friday and I’m happy: urging you all to listen to this song and maybe this one too…oh and this onePhotos by Anastacia Nielsen


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