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Do a Twirl Thing

Friday, August 12, 2011
What I’m Wearing: Vintage Yellow Frill Dress, Royal Blue Zara Sleeveless Blouse,  H&M; Hat,
Stradivarius Blue Heels, Vintage YSL Sunglasses,Chanel Bag & YSL Arty Ring
Back from vacation, the flight was long, I missed my boyfriend the whole way back. But then Paris cheered me up, zooming down Boulevard Saint Germain at dusk reminded me of how exhilirating I find this city. These photos were actually taken before I left Paris (hence my uhh lack of tan) but its an outfit I love very much and one I have worn a few times now. I’ve still not unpacked, I need to do laundry…instead I spent last night with Imogen, in her new 5th storey psychadelic apartment; we sat on her balcony and watched the sun slowly set. I am so glad she has moved here! Expect to see some of our adventures soon! Photos by Anastasia Nielsen


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