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Left Bank

Saturday, August 13, 2011
What I’m Wearing: ASOS One Shoulder Dress & Floppy Hat,
H&M; Sunglasses + New Look Nude Patent Heels.
Have you heard Petula Clark’s song “Downtown”? Its such a cheesy tune but it always cheers me up, especially when my windows are wide open and I can hear the city. Imogen and I ambled down to the river early evening yesterday and she snapped a couple photos for me (a double feat considering the cobblestones and her towering Tory Burch Platforms) Sort of yearning for September; August is such a weird month in Paris, a strange quiet covers the city as all the Parisians flock to the beaches in the South. But I miss the chaos, I want the buzz back! Going out tonight, I think I’ll wear leopard print! More tomorrow! Happy Saturday! (used way too many exclamation points there, but whatever, its the weekend!)


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