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In My Bag

Friday, December 21, 2012

I am back in Spain for the holidays. And while unpacking, I thought I’d snap a few photos of what I bring with me when I travel. Ever since I bought this Louis Vuitton Tote, it has become my go-to airplane bag, mostly because its so spacious. And as for inside, well let me list my essentials:

1. My Zara Studded Wallet: the perfect spendthrift wallet – mostly because I can shove a lot of receipts as well as all my credit cards AND passport in here.
2. Sunglasses: I bring sunglasses with me everywhere, especially when I travel. I like to put them on when I sleep on board the plane. My current favourites are these vintage-inspired Guess Frames.
3. Ipad & Headphones: my indispensable travel gadget, offers me a plethora of endless distractions, primarily in the form of TV shows and music.
4. Books: I am one of those ridiculous people that always brings one too many books with me when I travel. I guess I am afraid of being in a situation where I have nothing new to read, but also, I find it very comforting to always have books in my bag. This time I brought “Everything is Going to be Okay” and “The Fashion Book”
5. Cosmetics: I never wear makeup when I get on a plane, instead I moisturize extensively, maybe excessively. My three travel favourites are Burts Bees Radiance Body Lotion, Aloe Vera Vaseline and Lord & Berry Beige Moisturing Lipstick (for when I get off the plane!)


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