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Jolies Jambes by Etam

Friday, October 4, 2013



Tights and socks, a winter essential for girls everywhere, but don’t we usually just go for a boring black pair? How dull, life is too short and the winter too brutal to always opt for the basic tight! And so I am happy to announce that over the next month, I will be collaborating with Etam on their “Jolies Jambes” campaign (which means pretty legs in French). They asked me to style some looks using their tights and socks – under 4 themed categories: Color Therapie, Parisian Chic, Pretty Rock & Urban Glam. I will be sharing all of my looks over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!  It has been such a fun project so far – and their tights, unlike that typical black pair we all usually pull on are just so much fun – from brightly coloured to polka dots to lacy. Their diversity really allows a lot more styling creativity. Be sure to browse the tights and socks I’m wearing here, here, here and here! They are super affordable too, not pricey but good quality. And finally, browse the Etam Jolie Jambes Corner, a visual plethora of inspiration plus some fun photos and quotes from me and 3 other bloggers.


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