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everything in one small day

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

what im wearing: muubaa grey suede jacket, mythe raspberry tutuboohoo boots & zero uv sunglasses


and no one in the whole world would know how she had loved it all; how, every instant, every incomplete moment was really a whole huge something.

When your hair looks good, when a stranger’s cocker spaniel leaps into your lap at the park, when you can’t help but stare at a handsome man only to find he’s looking too, when you find a new song and play it on repeat, when your email inbox fills up with new work for the new year, when it feels like maybe you could actually be doing something right, when your favourite flowers are on sale, when your heeled boots make that sophisticated clack against the concrete underneath your feet, when you are starting to feel okay again after a collection of strange relationships, when you run, juice, shower and feel healthy, glowing, alive and proud to be taking care of yourself, when your lipstick and eyeliner stay intact for a few hours instead of a few minutes, when you hand a homeless man the change in your pocket and he smiles so widely it makes you laugh, when an old flame sends you a sweet email, when you put on a raspberry tutu and head out for no reason but to get out and see all the people everywhere, all the people, the city, you and all these ‘whens’ that go by in just one small day.


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