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Sunday, May 10, 2015


an ode to barcelona and how summer has just begun

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what im wearing: primark broderie white shell top, primark
fedora, primark striped baggy slacks & primark baby blue sandals

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Some days, particularly on Sundays, you have to dress for where you want to be. And today, that would be the beach. The weather in Spain is rising warm, like a mood – and the skies are rolling over into summer. Which means, sitting indoors in front a screen feels almost unbearable to me. I’ll sigh and frantically get done what the day demands in an effort to slam the door behind me and head to the shore a few hours before sunset. And in terms of clothes? Oh, baggy and basic for sure – paired with still salty hair and no makeup except for some matte lipstick. Like this outfit right here, the trousers are perhaps a little big for me – but easier to slip off and toss into the sand. Which is all that matters to me these days, the beach, the sand, the sea. Living in Barcelona means I get a little slice of vacation everyday when I finish work – and not a day goes by where I don’t feel supremely grateful for this. I guess we, as expats here are all sun worshippers of sorts – hauling our entire lives for the shine that seems to cast continuously on the coast here. And it is this time of year, we sunbask…but smugly, knowing our motive for moving here feels right – because here we are, sweating instead of shivering and gulping cocktails or smoothies that cost a fraction of the price in the cities we lived before. I live far more freely in Spain than I did in the likes of Paris or London. I’ll toss my debit card around for sunbeds or dinners or cabs with more ease, because it’s cheaper. I can afford to do so. I’ve spent a great deal of my life second guessing the things I indulge in, wondering where they will leave my bank balance – finally, not so much here in Barcelona. The sun shines and life is affordable – I cherish these things about this city, this country. I feel rich in so many ways. I’ve never felt that way before in my entire life. But I already have a tan and for the next 3 months, there are infinite summer days…and I can afford to buy whatever I like to enjoy them. That is a big deal to me. I am lucky.


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