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classic, by my standards

Friday, May 8, 2015
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no matter how the fashions swirled about a girl, the adult she became,
with different fashions swirling about her, still contained the same girl

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what im wearing: reiss pink leather jacket,
chi chi edie dress, j crew pink elsie heels

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An outfit that sort of arranged itself accidentally, the shoes matched with the leather jacket strewn across my bed – and with the white dress already zipped on, I slipped the pink on top and off I went. Combination – I’m fascinated as you know and sometimes the best ones arrive spontaneously with no effort or planning. So much of fashion feels like longing to me, ideas and ideas of longing – streaming right into shopping, shopping, shopping. But all the money for all the clothes in the world won’t buy you pretty combinations – in clothes, in colours, in prints or patterns. These pairings come instinctively to us and I don’t think they are celebrated or curated sufficiently. Reach into the depths of your wardrobe and rustle up something new, quite like leftovers in the kitchen or trawling through old playlists from years ago. I can guarantee you have a number of lovely things gathering dust that could be worn, especially now with the seasons turning over. Don’t discard all your summer memories from last year, wear them again and keep all the stories from last season right there swirling around on your wrists and next to your chest, right where they should be. To me, there is something so beautiful about nostalgia, like this leather jacket from a few years ago.  Soft as pajamas, too expensive to wear daily and one I almost sold on ebay but that perfect buttery pink shade kept it hanging in my closet, too pretty to part with. And shrugged a top my shoulders today, underneath the sort of outfit that has always felt natural to me – in a classic way, not by the industry’s standards but by my own personal dressing patterns. You see, I would have worn this ensemble years ago…and its one I know I will wear years from now. Some combinations seem to last and flex unchangeable as we grow, they might be nostalgic, but to me, they are by far the most wonderful.


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