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My Paris Fashion Week

Friday, February 28, 2014


What I’m Wearing: Audrey Leighton Trocadero Fur Shift Dress, Zara Hat, H&M Tights & Boohoo Heels


Paris Fashion Week started on Tuesday – and this season, I’ve been keeping pretty busy. Funnily enough, I don’t tend to go to many shows – FW runs for about 10 days and I’ve planned to attend only 2 shows over this time. Most of my work revolves around fashion week -I’m not  sitting pretty at the shows and I am certainly not standing outside the shows waiting to be photographed. These pursuits may (or may not) be fun, but for me, they don’t generate money – and as a freelancer and professional blogger, my schedule is ruled by the work that pays. PFW involves a lot of different things, and it all seems so glamorous – but as far as it goes for me, PFW is strictly work.  The brands & websites I work for don’t seem to care much for show coverage – and not that I blame them – from any seat there would be no way I could get any photos of quality. So ironically, Paris Fashion Week takes me to every corner of Paris except the catwalks. I might have to especially go to Angelina’s to eat an éclair (so I can photograph the experience) or endlessly wander the Marais in search of new boutiques that might be worth mentioning in an article -or source the perfect set of pencils to use in a photo montage (seriously, I did that yesterday and the fact that I can call shopping for pencils work, is well just amazing) So, I’m not complaining, I adore my work – its genuinely both fun and incredibly creative, I’m a lucky girl. But I’ve been stressed and a little frazzled, I’ve cried, fallen asleep on the metro and showed up an entire day early to an event all in the last few days, purely because I’m a walking work zombie right now. Sometimes I wish I had something a little more glamorous to share with you all over Paris Fashion Week – like a photo with a celebrity, or an instagram from the Chanel show – or a new Celine bag I bought, but these sorts of things don’t come up in my fashion week. I work and I sleep – and between that, I’m running around the city looking for a wifi connection to make a deadline. I know a lot of you  will be able to relate to this, as I’ve seen so many of my friends feeling the same way over the last week.. So for those feeling a little tired in the city, working over PFW – keep at it! And for those of you aspiring to attend fashion week – realize there are so many ways you can generate money during this time and while they might not all be the glamorous pursuits typically associated with PFW, there is still scope to be creative and have fun with your work. Photos: Catherine O’Hara

And on another note, if you’d like to see some of my PFW projects so far, take a look at the Paris guide I produced for British Airways, as well as the Paris Shopping article I wrote and photographed for Teen Vogue. I would love to hear your thoughts on them!


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