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La Perla

Monday, May 19, 2014

What I’m Wearing: La Perla Cage Jacket


Lingerie is a recent discovery for me – one that I stumbled upon 6 months ago or so, when I first embarked on a freelance project with a beautiful client of mine called Elle Liberachi. She’s a lingerie model and through our work together, everything ‘underneath’ slowly became an obsession for me. From cup styles to strap widths, to teddies and bustiers alike, suddenly a corner of the clothing world I had previously ignored became incredibly enticing. And girls, I’m not talking about lingerie to wear for boys, I’m talking about wearing lingerie for yourself, because you want to. And if your boyfriend enjoys it, well its merely a double win. I don’t dress for men, never have, and you know what? I never will. I dress for nobody but myself – I wear what I want,when I want and how I want. And so when La Perla asked me to style some of their beautiful underwear as outerwear – I did what I always do and went for something outrageous, the less obvious option is always the most appealing to me. And so here it is, their gorgeous cage jacket (which Queen Bey recently wore to the Grammys) – paired simply with a bustier bra and high-waisted peplum skirt. It’s such a daring piece, one I like to think of as a La Perla ode to the independent woman – wearing what you want and being who you want, be it daring, sexy, flirty or just down right fun. You can be a million things and you can be them all at once, just always be them for yourself. On that note, I hope La Perla and I have inspired you to wear something crazy beautiful but more importantly, to wear it with absolute pride and self-love. Photos: Nicolas Girault


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