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tally weijl

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

light version2


What I’m Wearing: Tally Weijl Monochrome Striped Top, Tally Weijl Red Daisy Print Skater Skirt & Tally Weijl Beige Belted Trench

light version3

I’m in Spain, basking in the beginnings of summer, which always comes early on the coast I’ve called home since I was a kid. Headed up to Barcelona for a couple days of parties, dinners and expos…after which I am bouncing straight back to Paris, where apparently it’s been raining non-stop. So when Tally Weijl asked me to style a soon-to-be summer outfit here in Spain, I jumped at the chance. Where else in Europe could I start collecting freckles and tints of sunburn while wearing a brand I love. And so here I am, print clashing like its nobody’s business and flouncing around on a coastal road. Doing it like I do! A little bit of red, a dash of daisy, some b&w stripes and a trench coat to cinch it all together, styling is somewhat like improvising a recipe in the kitchen. And what better ingredients to use than some deliciousness from Tally Weijl? More tomorrow!


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