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Thursday, June 12, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Hedonia Navy & White Short Suit, Vintage Red Striped Crop Top, Fashion Pills Sunglasses & Boohoo White Heeled Sandals


I dream of owning a boat. I’d trade my entire wardrobe for a boat. So imagine my disbelief on these beautiful summer days to head to the dock and see all these pretty sleek boats floating lazy instead of climbing waves out on the open sea! What a shame to see all those boats just sitting there, it broke my heart a little bit. If I had one, I’d be on it all the time, I’d probably just move in and live on it. I wouldn’t dream of leaving such an investment to sit and rust…especially not in the summer. You see, I have this theory that anything you enjoy doing becomes far more enjoyable if you are doing it on a boat. For example, sunbathing, hosting a dinner party or simply reading outside, all become far better if you are doing these things on a boat. Come on, you know I’m right! Don’t you wish you were on a boat right now? (and if you are, I am totally jealous because not only do you have a boat but one with wifi too). Until I get my own boat (she will definitely be called Frassy by the way), I guess I’ll have to just keep channeling my nautical enthusiasm into my wardrobe! More tomorrow!


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