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beach with bobbi brown / on the go beauty #2

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The second edition to my 3 part On the Go Beauty series with Bobbi Brown, and this time I’m talking beauty at my favourite place in the world, the beach. As you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the coasts of Spain this summer, and so it only seemed natural to share what I bring with me. Now apart from a bikini and cute towel, a lot of people don’t really consider what else to take along, but as a beach veteran, there are certain cosmetics that not only make the experience more enjoyable but also a lot prettier too.



Firstly, no makeup. That is a strict rule. I cringe when I see girls with a full face of foundation dripping down their faces out on the hot sand. Anything cosmetic you apply before or during your time at the beach should be effortless, and let’s face it, sweat friendly. I’ll wear perfume & a lip-gloss but that is as far as it goes. Obviously, Beach by Bobbi Brown is an appropriate choice, but it also happens to be one of my favourite summer scents. It’s light, airy and sea spray is actually one of the perfume’s key notes, how lovely!



I’ll keep my lips glossed with a subtle natural looking shine – Bobbi Brown Crystal is clear and easy to wear. Sometimes if I’m headed out to dinner direct from the beach, I’ll swap it for a shimmery lip gloss instead, Bare Sparkle is subtle but looks beautiful on a sunkissed complexion.


Ok, so I don’t wear SPF. I know it’s terrible, but I’ve spent so much time in the sun through my life that I know exactly how it affects my skin. I’m responsible exposure-wise, so I never actually burn. As the summer sizzles on, my skin becomes more resistant to the sun, so I can stay out for longer. Which is where Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil comes in, now this product has a seriously crazy cult-like following, and while I rarely buy into beauty-hype, this product is pure gold. It’s a silky smooth pink oil which I love to to apply to my whole body, it gives your skin this incredible glow, plus it is the most soothing moisturizer I have ever tried. I will go through a few bottles of this every summer, I like to apply it before and during my beach days – but also straight out of the shower in the evenings. Sun, salt & sea are a pretty dehydrating trio, so on top of the oil, I like to apply a little bit of Bobbi Brown’s Soothing Balm – I’ll rub this into anywhere and everywhere that might be particularly dry, from my heels to cheeks and even my elbows.


And there you have it, my beach beauty essentials. Simple, effortless and natural is how I prefer to keep it. What are your girls beach beauty secrets? Have you girls tried any Bobbi Brown products this summer? I’d love to hear from you – I am always open to new tips & tricks! Photos: Kirstin Dale Cooper


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