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a suit that suits

Thursday, March 26, 2015

an offbeat yellow suit that suits my soul, career & freelance goals


what im wearing: giorgia & johns blouse & tie, giorgia &
johns yellow blazer & giorgia & johns yellow trousers



a giorgia & johns suit story

Suits, I love them. Their is something so powerful about a woman in a blazer and trouser set that match as one. If clothes were a language, the suit would be the exclamation mark, don’t you think? Charged, expectant, demanding emphasis…perhaps on power, perhaps asserting some realm of feminism, or simply dressing up our ability as women to do everything men can, including a tie around our necks and suit on our back. So often in my life, I am regarded as silly, overly emotional, floating through life in a bubble that refuses to burst, I’ve never had a ‘real’ job, the stamp of my career is a montage of clothes I’ve worn and my only work commutes are on a plane to Paris reading a book. But I’d be damned to listen to these opinions, over the years I have gotten very good at calmly ignoring the ‘you should get a real job’ suggestions from people at parties, passing men in my life and whomever else feels the needs to offer this kind of counsel with a confused frown on their face. So ok, I don’t have a 9-5, I can take holidays as often and as freely as I please, I usually don’t start work until 10 am and yes, I’ll admit my work desk is filled with primarily images of myself and scraps of writing that come from my own soul – but I work hard. Those holidays I can freely take? I rarely take them. The weekends the 9-5ers have off? I don’t get those. Finishing work and relaxing in the evening? Does going to the gym count? Because aside from exercise, I am working all night until my body suddenly wilts and demands to sleep. I’m not a rich girl blogger – there are no photoshoots on Bondi Beach or boyfriends to help me out all day. I won’t lie, I wish I was – but wishing is wistful and wasteful. I hustle, really. I do. I have two shoulders and a head – and upon that rests all my work – there is just me. Anyone that helps me out are kind souls I pay. And I’m so proud of that – happy to manage my entire life, all on my own – completely alone. And so here’s this yellow suit, not office wear appropriate but powerful all the same – assertive, forceful but off-beat in a quirky colour – and instead of an office building, I wore mine out on a Spanish sunny day with palm trees in the sky. Because I can, because that’s my life – it might not be typical but it’s amazing all the same.


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