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Saturday, March 28, 2015

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You have to pick the places you don’t walk away from.




what im wearing: chi chi clothing cheska dress & vintage basket bag

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There is no where on this earth I’d rather be than the beach at sunset; the sun melting into the glittering waves as the sand quietly stretches on and on. During the day, the beaches in Spain are chaotic and bright, bustling with movement, but as the soon as the sun starts slipping, so do all the people and that’s how I like it most, all to myself. Motionless apart from my 2 feet and the sea beside me. Quiet apart from the loud horizon that feels infinite. Calm except for the sun spilling down into the water. And as for this beach? I grew up on this one. Down south, wedged between two cities I don’t care for much and a tedious train ride away, but I always return. Always. I’ve lived in quite a few places, leaving little dots on the map of my life and I am yet to go back to some of them, maybe I never will. But I come back here, I come back when I could be travelling elsewhere, I come back, quite simply to return. To return to a part of me that is no longer mine, revisiting everything from the past and watching it merge with who I’ve become. All the while knowing, I am as foolish as I was before, perhaps a little less naive but youthfully hopeful all the same – and despite all the confusion, all this foolishness, all this inexperience..I will always, always come back here. To return, to revisit, to say hello to the sea breezes that blow through a younger me, a child me, a teenage me, for here – I can feel all of me.


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