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coffee with bobbi brown / on the go beauty #1

Sunday, June 1, 2014

bobbi brown real

Welcome to a new mini-series on Frassy, a little bit of fashion, a dash of lifestyle and a whole lot of beauty. Now, I am fairly new to this whole beauty blogging here – but like all girls, everything cosmetic plays a pretty big role in my life. I wanted to share some of my beauty essentials in a natural, everyday sort of way. You see, I like to keep my beauty regimes as simple as possible – and with a life that now exists between 2 cities, I’ve come to appreciate portable, on-the-go beauty. My favorite products come with me wherever I go and they fit around my everyday pursuits. I prefer quality over quantity – the simple classics are the ones I always return to. So it seemed perfect to team up with Bobbi Brown, a brand I have loved ever since I first started wearing makeup. I remember saving up my money back then for their bronzer, I just adored it and almost 10 years later, I still do. And so as an intro to my ‘On the Go Beauty’ posts, come have a coffee with me, we can discuss everything beauty and I’ll let you in on some of my everyday & everywhere favourites.


bobbi brown real1

When I leave the house there are 2 products I will always bring with me for touch-ups throughout the day. My foundation & mascara seem to stay intact but when it comes to bronzer & lipstick – I prefer to bring them with me to freshen up. As a freelancer, most of my meetings revolve around coffee – and you girls know the deal, lipstick & coffee, well it gets everywhere. I prefer my lipsticks matte and my favourites tend to be of the deepest, most delicious reds. The Bobbi Brown Matte in the Red Carpet shade is one of my go-to choices, purely because the colour is so rich. And I’ll only really tend to need a reapplication once a day. And girls, I have so many stories about lipstick gone wrong. I once went from meeting to meeting all day long, to come home and realize that my lipstick was all over my face. It seriously looked like a chicken pox situation – not a single client mentioned it and who knows just how many people were wondering what was going on with my face! Needless to say, I threw that particular one away but believe me when I say, the Bobbi Brown one has a pretty good hold – thank goodness!





And the bronzer, oh how I love it- like I said, almost 10 years and we are still going strong. It’s Bobbi Brown’s bronze shimmer brick with a gradient like powder that combines to create a super natural glow. I usually stay away from glitter on my face but this one is so subtle, its more of a highlighter. And it looks so lovely on top of the fake tan I love to pour all over my body every now and again. I have no idea why I need to reapply this product during the day, maybe it comes down to how fine the powder is, I guess it sort of gradually fades off my face, which is actually one of the reasons I love it so much. It’s such a ‘barely there’, natural looking product. But, because its incredibly delicate, I’ve dropped quite a few of these to find them totally cracked and broken ( then again, I drop everything, you would not believe how clumsy I am). But as a solution to this problem, I just keep it in the same pocket as my i-phone (another item I have shattered one too many times. whoops)

bobbi brown real2

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And there you have it, my 2 ‘always-in-my handbag’ essentials. I’d love to hear about your girl’s beauty favourites – your input means everything to me. What do you think of Bobbi Brown? What are your experiences with the brand? Do you prefer matte or shimmer lipsticks? Anything in particular I should try out? I’m such a newbie at beauty blogging but I’m sure I have some reader pros – so help a girl out, give me your tips/opinions! More tomorrow!


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