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Monday, June 16, 2014



What I’m Wearing: Ego Blazer, Blouse & Slacks, Nelly Suede Pointed Courts & ASOS Nude Sunglasses


A much as I love brighter & bolder colours, sometimes the subdued shades just feel more natural. Dusty blues & beige – there is something comforting about wearing these neutral colours on a particularly hard day. And I’ve officially sunk into some sort of stupor girls, where nothing inspires me or excites me and instead I feel an overwhelming frustration and heightened sense of how hard it is to blog professionally sometimes. I don’t usually like to complain here, purely because I aim to encourage and inspire you girls- besides, complaining is boring, I am alive and healthy – and usually that is all I need to stay happy. Regardless of my boyfriend situation, work success or the balance in my bank account, if I can still move all my limbs and smile, then life is good. But sometimes, just sometimes – I get down and I think the reason I do is because my ambitions exceed and stretch far beyond anything reasonable, and so I find myself aching with dissatisfaction. I guess we all struggle with different things, but it ebbs and flows. Some days feel like gold and other days, well just waking up feels hard enough. But here’s to Monday, a new week, a new outlook and new fun things I am excited to share with you all! I wish you a wonderful week, its been fun conversing with some of you on twitter this weekend, let’s keep up the conversation, you girls always make me smile!


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