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You, Me, The Sea

Wednesday, June 4, 2014




The beach is my favourite place in the entire world. There is nowhere I’d rather be and nowhere more therapeutic for me. It’s probably because I grew up on the coast of Spain – the white coast, otherwise known as the Costa Blanca. But I’ve been lucky enough to see and experience beaches all over the world, from Indonesia to Sharm El Sheikh, the Galapagos – and even the colder coasts of England & Ireland, I love them all the same, whatever the weather, whatever the season.  I’ve scuba dived and snorkeled and taken boat trips across oceans for days at a time.  I come from a family of coastal lovers and I thank my Dad for engraining this love in me, ever since he convinced me to jump off a boat when I was water- terrified as a little kid. Not to mention, the money and time he spent in trekking my brothers and I across the world every year to experience a new beach. And the coast was one of the reasons I decided to set up base in Barcelona, the beach life is one that I love. It’s the best life. So when You Me The Sea, a beach jewellery brand contacted me, I was all for a day by the Mediterranean wearing their beautiful anchor & rope bracelets. They come in every colour imaginable, each complete with an anchor or hook engraved with their slogan ‘You, Me, The Sea’ – which funnily enough, has always been a mantra for me.  Urging you all to take a look at their bracelets, jewellery is usually pretty impractical on the beach, but these are the perfect accessory for your bikinis this summer, don’t you think?

 I’m wearing You Me The Sea Bracelets in Pink & Grey in Leather as well as Yellow, Blue & Fuschia in Classic Rope. Keep posted for a You Me The Sea giveaway over on my instagram soon!


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