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7 Years

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


What I’m Wearing: Primark Dress & Sunglasses


Frassy is almost 7 years old, that’s 3 years shy of a decade girls, crazy! I started this blog back in the summer of 2008, posing silly in my budget university bedrooms dreaming of the life I have now. And so in celebration of kicking off my 7th year, I had the opportunity to shoot in one of my all time dream locations. The Sand Dunes of Gran Canaria – nature at it’s most beautiful and what a breathtaking sunrise it was jumping around on these golden sands. I cannot convey the euphoria that hit me as we reached the top of this panorama –a quiet appreciation came over me, a gratitude for everything I’ve experienced over the years due to this little corner of the internet I call my own. I am forever grateful to you girls and while I might not boast 100k + followers on instagram or have Chanel show invites to flaunt, being able to experience and share moments like this with you girls, well that’s all I need from Frassy. Here’s to 7 years together and to another 7 more! I love you!


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