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Thursday, March 19, 2015

insouciance or spanish chic as I’m calling it
simple spring outfits in barcelona



what im wearing: oasis utility denim shift dress,oasis
smart duster trench coat
& oasis orange pointed flats



what im wearing: oasis sleeveless cowl sweater, oasis shearling
drape gilet
,oasis cotton cream trousers & oasis tassel loafers


There is something very sultry about the backstreets of Barcelona, they are narrow, crumbling and lead to nowhere in that lovely labyrinth way. Strangers brush past each other as they walk, and there is dappled sun in certain spots, which seem to shine most brightly on the corners where tanned handsome men are loitering in a lazy effort to avoid work. Dark doors lead to bright little juice bars or weird vintage stores like the one where I bought a pair of YSL shoes for 10 euros – and if you walk long enough, somehow you will end up at the beach, all these streets are little aimless streams that lead to the sea. I couldn’t name a single one and when I walk down them I never bother pulling up a map on my phone. Trying to navigate them defeats their beauty. In fact, Barcelona is a city that just should not be navigated at all, it’s far too energetic of an approach for such a lackadaisical city, where everyone is either dreaming about being on the beach or eating tapas before heading there. As a girl with terrible anxiety, Barcelona is a good place for me. Spain is soothing, it allows me to be a little lazy, in the same way a glass of wine would. I can go outside, soak it up – and get back to work inside. Life feels simpler here- and when it comes to getting dressed, there is just a little more of that Spanish insouciance in what I wear. When I am here, I always wear flats, they go well with my refusal to take the metro. I lean towards shift dresses and fluid trench coats that are as easy to put on as they are to fling off before heading out on a run by the beach. Neutrals, chunky creams and beiges look nice next to the endless stone walls in the city – and keep me looking more tanned than I am, an essential in a city of sun worshipers. I love how my physical location can be such a powerful influence on what I wear – in London I wore tartan and Brick Lane bargains, Paris introduced me to minimal makeup and breton – and Spain, well all these years here, I’ve learnt simplicity. Which is all I want, in all aspects of life, the older I get.


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